Manifolds by Industry

As a custom design and manufacturing facility, M&W Manufacturing Co. has the ability to adapt and respond to the requirements of each customer.  One of the benefits of this versatility is the opportunity to serve diverse markets.  M&W supplies custom hydraulic manifolds to customers for various applications such as agricultural, industrial, and construction equipment, specialized projects within the entertainment industry, and also in the high tech marine, aerospace, and oil and gas exploration markets.

The employees at M&W have many years of experience overcoming the obstacles that accompany the custom design and production of custom hydraulic manifolds.  This wealth of employee knowledge has helped to refine M&W design procedures and inspection techniques to ensure compliance with even the most rigorous customer specifications.  Our employees look forward to meeting the challenges presented by unique custom manifold applications.  From quoting to engineering to production and shipment, we look forward to working closely with you on your next manifold project.

Since 1979, M&W Manufacturing has produced hundreds of thousands of custom hydraulic manifolds for equipment across various industries, including:






Oil & Gas