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Custom Manifold Process

From conception to completion, M&W is prepared and equipped to help you realize your manifold concepts.

Hydraulic Manifold Programming


Using specialized software, we strive to provide quick, consistent, and competitive quotes.  Whether you have a full 3D model or a sketch on a napkin, our quoting department will work closely with you to outline a project that satisfies your specifications and your budget.

Hydraulic Manifold Programming


The strength of M&W lies in our commitment to engineering.  Working with the latest CAD software, our engineers specialize in both the modification of existing circuits and the design of new hydraulic manifolds per your exact specifications.

To support the exchange of information, an open line of communication during this step is critical.  The highly skilled engineers at M&W have years of experience and are familiar with the challenges of custom manifold design.  They are ready to assist you with your next project.

Hydraulic Manifold Programming


Once the design has been finalized, our programmers get to work.  Utilizing CAD/CAM software they program the machining of your manifold using the most efficient and effective methods possible.  Our programming department works closely with both engineering and production personnel to encourage continuous process improvement and quality control.

Hydraulic Manifold Machining


M&W employs many talented machinists with a wealth of combined experience manufacturing custom manifolds.  We specialize in working with various grades of aluminum, ductile iron, and steel.  Our machinists enjoy the challenges of working on new and unique projects and have the ability to work with a wide variety of materials depending on your requirements. 

From initial material preparation to the finishing touches, M&W employees push for 100% error free manifolds.  Whether your project weighs more than a ton or small enough to sit in the palm or your hand, M&W is equipped to produce your manifold exactly to your specifications.  Our machinists operate technologically advanced CNC machines twenty four hours a day, five days a week to produce your manifolds quickly and accurately.  From prototype to production we strive to exceed your expectations. 

Custom Hydraulic Manifolds

Secondary Operations

Secondary operations are those that are performed after the machining of the manifold is complete.  These processes include the inspection, cleaning, deburring, anodizing/plating, assembly of plugs and other components, and any additional procedures as directed by our customers.

A secondary operation does not imply less importance, as these actions must be given appropriate attention to detail to maintain high quality standards.  The accurate and consistent execution of these measures is critical to the smooth operation of the manifolds in the field.  It is estimated that amore than 75% of all hydraulic failures are due to system contamination.  We strive to minimize contamination through investment in advanced deburring technology and thorough post-production inspections; our goal is to manufacture and ship clean and contamination free manifolds.  The result is less maintenance cost and lost production time for M&W equipped manifold systems.